By WTFunk_org

A safe, rich, and welcoming community of gamers of all stripes, inclination, and ability, is looking to expand the server! We have dungeon masters, storytellers, world builders, character runners, role play fanatics, tactical geniuses, and all the crafty, conniving, confounding creatures and players you could hope to find. We even have **monthly giveaways** of online dice sets! Come celebrate the joy of collaborative gaming with us at What The Funk! Multiple weekly one-shot adventures, fit for newbies and veteran players alike! Come check out our huge collection of new and ongoing games looking for players in nearly every time zone; West Marches, play by post, concise short-commitment adventures, even the occasional paid game for those looking to tip your storyteller! And for the DM, we honestly have more players than you can shake a stick at. (*Ad author: I personally think it's a little out of control, but here we are.)